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"The ecological destruction taking place in the Woolley Valley is appalling. A flower-rich area of calcareous grassland now looks like a dirt track, a streamlet which formerly meandered down the valley has been obliterated and mature trees in Sopers Wood, which is not owned by Golden Valley, have been felled, despite their being protected by a Tree Preservation Order. This is not only the spoiling of a pretty landscape - it is major environmental vandalism." (Susan Young)


As you may be aware, the last 2 years has seen some devastating action within the Woolley valley on the outskirts of the World Heritage City of Bath. The valley is classified as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and designated under central Government Greenbelt policy. 

In 1992, the valley was deemed so special that it was placed under an Article 4 Direction which removed permitted development rights. There is a small rural community within the valley and it is a popular area for recreational use, with high numbers of visitors all year round due to its intrinsic character and fantastic natural beauty.

Golden Valley Paddocks have been proceeding to develop land within the valley for the past 2 years. 5 planning applications regarding their development have been submitted over the last 2 years, all of which have resulted in refusals. Despite this, no action has been taken by BANES council and the development is still continuing.

Major alterations have been made to the existing access; barn and land. A mobile home has been placed on the site and there are major alterations taking place on the land with the erection of 10 significantly large chicken barns. The development has already caused major problems relating to noise, visual impact and changes in water courses adversly affecting local farmers and residents.
The development is destroying the beauty of the valley and its character- the very aspects which have given the valley its special status.

Please show your support and follow the link on the left hand side of the page to sign the petition so this unauthorised development can be stopped. 






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